Saturday, October 04, 2008

Tagged by an Etsy Blogger

Michelle Lewis of Little Paper Dog and a fellow member of Etsy Bloggers tagged me yesterday. She asked me to tell 6 things about myself that most people don't know and then tag 5 other team members. So ... here they are:
1. My husband is a recreational and a professional pilot and we live here. It's a flying community with a 3000 foot grass airstrip and airplanes regularly taxi by our dinner table! We are a close knit neighborhood because everyone who lives here has at least one thing in common - a love for airplanes and flying!

2. Yesterday while the kids were all at school, and my hubby and I had a day off together, we went for a motorcycle ride! It was my first on his new Ducati and very enjoyable. I just closed my eyes and felt the wind!
3. I like to smell good! One of my favorite things to buy on Etsy is bath and body products. My latest purchase is a sugar scrub from Bathing in Luxury.
4. I am very organized, but loose my glasses on a DAILY basis. I spend way too much time looking for them - also recruiting the family for this task.
5. My favorite snack is frozen blueberries with whipped cream. Mmmmm, almost better than ice-cream!
6. I listen to podcasts ALOT. Favorite subjects include podcasts about my faith, technology, running, creative hobbies, and kid stuff!

I would love to tag 5 more people, but in my search I didn't find one Etsy Blogger who hasn't been tagged yet! If you want to participate consider yourself tagged by me!

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Little Paper Dog said...

#5 sounds amazing. Yum yum!