Saturday, October 18, 2008

My mom on marriage...

As I listened to a podcast today that discussed marriage and preparation for that important relationship, I thought of things that my mom had told me about marriage when I was younger. I remember asking her before I was married, and had just begun dating Dan, how someone could know that they could spend the rest of their life with someone. I marveled at that! She did not offer practical advice on this but, her response always stuck with me. "Kristin, I have spent 26 years with your father and that's not nearly enough"! Dan and I have only been married 11 years, but I know that feeling. And I'm so very thankful for this marriage that grows, is strong, and is a wonderful adventure!

A drawing of my mom:

Perhaps today you could write about some advice that your mother gave you or things that she said and use a photo or drawing to illustrate it. Please comment here if you do this! And give a link to your blog if you have one - I'd love to see!

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