Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Kid's Quotes Journal - Cameron

Some of Cameron's quotes that we've recorded in the Kid's Quotes Journal:

June 10, 2008
Cameron: (while looking at his cup that seems to have a milk leak) hmmm... that's odd.
Mommy: yeah.
Cameron: Like the Wizard of Odds!

Cameron: Mommy, if I was a bird would you get me bird clothes or would you let me stay in my feathers?
Mommy: I'd probably let you stay in your feathers.
Cameron: Well, I think I'd want to wear bird clothes.
Mommy: Well then I'd get you bird clothes.
Cameron: But how would you know I wanted bird clothes?
Mommy: ??? (speechless)

March 6, 2007
Mackenzie to Cameron: What is attitude?
Cameron: Attitude makes the tooth fairy come out.
Mommy (overhearing from the kitchen): ???

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