Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Digital Cameras

I'm having issues printing my digital pictures and having them turn out too dark. I'm looking forward to learning more about editing in my digital photography class so that I can start filling up my new Life Stories Photo Journal with great looking pictures! Or, at least better looking than they are turning out right now.

For now, the current lesson is on digital cameras. I use a simple a point and shoot Canon PowerShot SD1100. Nice for a point and shoot, but I'm beginning to yearn for an SLR digital camera, especially after learning about them and having the opportunity to try one out this weekend. Here is a picture taken with that great camera:

Here is a great website calledimaging-recource.com with all kinds of digital photography resources. Lots of camera and accessory reviews, forums, and (my favorite area of the website) tutorials! The tutorials seem short and sweet and to the point.

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Willis said...

Lovely picture!! Digital camera are best for photography!!