Thursday, June 28, 2007

Two More Brag Books Complete...

I can't believe that it's taken me so long to complete these two books hat are now available in my etsy shop! Believe me, custom orders are completed very timely and take priority over all other art projects. But stocking my etsy store with books as I'm able seems to have taken way longer than I thought it would now that it's summer and I'm not teaching. I envisioned myself completing a book a day over the summer! We have however been busy with storytelling bliss last week (and the few weeks before with preparations) at Vacation Bible School and ending with a Roswell Magnolia Storytelling Festival last weekend. Our almost daily trips to the neighborhood pool have been fruitful for the twins and big sis and their swimming skills! Also, doctor's appointments (dentists, orthodontist, eye drs., etc.) have taken up their fare share of time. We are making the most of this summer though I suppose!

Last post I showed 3 paste papers and only have 2 books to show this post because I just didn't care for the third paste paper after it was glued to the bookboards - not centered right or something. Trying to save it with more paint didn't produce results either, so it's been set aside with others that haven't quite passed the test of my liking!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

These new paste papers...

These new paste papers are in the process of becoming 3 different 5"X7" brag books or photo albums. I love making books in bulk and in stages - especially when they all are very different in color and pattern. So fun!