Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Kid's Quotes Journal - Sierra

One of my favorite memory books is the Kid's Quotes Journal where I record all (well, lots) of the adorable things our kids say. It's so fun for hubby and I to reread and laugh til our sides hurt! Today I'd like to share with you some of Sierra's quotes (who is now 8) from this book that is forever in progress:

June 25, 2008
Sierra to Daddy after an eye doctor appointment, "I didn't like it. The doctor put eye drops in my eyes and dilated my pimples."

February 17, 2008
Sierra to Mommy while admiring my iphone, "Mommy, if I lick your iphone can I keep it?"

August 21, 2004
Sierra has wanted a dog for forever! I used to tell her that we would get one when the twins were old enough to be able to treat a dog well. So Sierra, in all seriousness, says to the twins, "OK, the sooner you guys grow up the sooner we can get a dog."

August 5, 2003
Sierra to Mommy, "Mommy, I'm so glad you came out of your mommy's belly!"

June 11, 2003
Sierra saw a bug crawling on the floor with a huge crumb in it's mouth. Sierra noticed this and said, "Mommy, it's helping us clean up!"

January 9, 2002
"I loo" = I love you

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