Monday, October 06, 2008

Imperfect pigtails

I don't just record the fun life stories and the drawings I'm happy with. Here is a drawing I did to remember, hopefully not too long from now, that Mackenzie has an emotional melt down if I don't get her pigtails "perfect" in the morning. As the moment approaches to do her hair before school my heart starts racing, I start sweating, I prepare myself for her tears. I drew this picture with Mackenzie one afternoon as we discussed her "overreactions" to my inability to provide her with the perfect pig tails. We talked about ways that she could express her emotions in a way that communicates them in a positive way for her AND for me. She seems to have learned through our discussion during my drawing that she can use calm words to tell me she wants a "do-over" for her pigtails. She finished my drawing (using Micron pen) with writing her name. Some good communication, time together, effective parenting, recording of a life story, and a snapshot of her handwriting on that date - so worth the effort! Even though it's not "fine art" (or my best drawing!) I am more than happy with the outcome!

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