Monday, September 29, 2008

Journaling Challenge

Anna has a creative journaling challenge, involving hopes and dreams, over at and a free download for your digital scrapping and journaling for use with Adobe Photoshop or Elements. Since I don't use either, yet, I will participate in this challenge by listing some of my hopes and dreams here that I have recently written in one of my handmade books:

Hopes and dreams for myself:
- to be the best wife and mother I can be
- to help others see how important and special they are
- to help my own children, the children in my preschool class, and the children I teach at church to experience God's love
- to work and play creatively each day
- to continue to grow as a teacher, storyteller, puppeteer, artist, and catechist
- to lead in a positive way in all I do
- to record parts of my family's life story in creative ways so that they can read later and know who they are - and to encourage other's to do the same

These are just a few of my own dreams for myself that I recorded a couple months ago to help me to manage my time and to be sure that I was actually spending my time working towards those hopes and dreams. It's been a great thing to write these down. I wonder how they will change in the next years. Now to think of my hopes and dreams for my family.

The following image is one I drew in my art journal a couple years ago. Seeing these shoes side by side today, knowing that my son put his little shoe next to his daddy's big shoe, just seemed to scream 'hopes and dreams' to me, of a little boy who, thankfully, wants to be like his incredible daddy!

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