Friday, September 26, 2008

Autumn Bookbinding

I love the beginnings of Fall in Georgia. Today I took my favorite podcasts and green tea up to the crafting room/art studio that I share with the kids and hubby. All windows in the house were wide open and the fresh air was glorious, which put me in the mood for making some Autumn books. Here is peek at what I did with the recycled paper and bookboard that I've been holding onto for inspiration. The leaf image is a stamp that I carved myself for a special order a few months ago. Perfect!

Here is who kept me company in the craft room while the kids were at school all day:

You can see the kids' crafting table with work in progress. I love this room and that the kids are free to make a creative mess up here!

I finally decided to make our new family photo journalling album in the 5"X7" size, using the new leafy book cloth that I made a few days ago. Here are the completely wrapped boards which are now drying in the press (my handy National Geographic set of heavy hardback books!).

Here is a shot of my gluing station:

And cutting the corners for wrapping the boards:

Helpful hint: use one of those catalogs that you get in the mail as scrap paper for gluing. You can turn the pages with each item glued so that you have a clean scrap of paper every time!

I'll be back soon with the completed projects from the photos above!


Mr.Wall said...

cool blog

miesmama said...

love the studio/art room! Bookbinding is such a cool art form, you're very talented!