Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving goodness

After listening to Danny Gregory's "An Illustrated Life" Podcast with Roz Stendahl about keeping an illustrated journal I truly had to draw something OR ELSE! So while the kids watched "The Sound of Music" on our computer, and the blueberry pie was cooling on the table, I sketched. Here is my quirky drawing of the blueberry pie I make for Thanksgiving every year because hubby loves it. The pie is SO NOT from scratch - but hubby likes it anyway! And my drawing, quirky as it is, has made me happy. I drew it using my micron 02 black pen and my handmade paper journal given to me by Uncle Marc last year. Colored in with Derwent pencils.

Here is Sierra's (age 8) colorful collage of a turkey. LOVE IT!

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Parka said...

An illustrated Life...

Have been reading lots of good reviews about this book. Can't wait for my copy to arrive.