Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Am Sierra

I am a nice girl who loves dogs.
I wonder if I could be a dog trainer.
I hear imaginary dog barks.
I see imaginary dog bones.
I want more dogs.
I am a nice girl who loves dogs.

I pretend that my toy dogs are real.
I feel that when dogs bark they are talking our language.
I touch dog's foot prints.
I worry about dogs getting hurt.
I cry when dogs get hurt or die.

I understand other animals are cool too.
I say, "Dogs rule!"
I dream of dogs talking.
I try to help dogs all I can.
I hope that dogs will live a very long time.
I am a nice girl who loves dogs.

by Sierra

I love this poem that Sierra wrote at school the other day and just had to record it in our family photo journal - with her permission. It gives us a glimpse into how she sees herself right now and it sums up what she thinks, talks, writes, and plays the most about - dogs! I chose a recent photo to go with it that includes her favorite dog, our rat terrier named Oreo, and backed the photo in a blue mat because it matches our red couch and blue is Sierra's favorite color. 

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