Friday, April 11, 2008

What She Likes!

I'm so happy to have been featured on the webzine What She Likes! In Freya's own words, the editor of the webzine, "What She Likes is an online mag for women. This webzine is for and about women(of all ages) who love the arts basically. This webzine promotes the arts by featuring women who are active on the web and who are doing a great job in the field of arts, crafts and fashion, featuring art sites and much much more!

What She Likes gives women wonderful oppurtunities to express themselves. You can request for topics, get your work featured here if you are doing something related to arts, crafts, fashion or blogging and even write for What She Likes!"

Click here to check out what she said about my books, as well as all the other great artists and items she has featured!

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Anonymous said...

Oh thanx so much Kristin, for writing about my webzine!