Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter and old books...

More iphone photos (can't wait to get a new camera - but the iphone's not too shabby, huh?!)... Ok, so these are not handmade books, but they are some of my favorite old books my dad gave me. I finally decided to display them on our mantle because I thought it awful that they would be hidden away in a box. They belonged to my great grandfather and some of the inscriptions in them are dated 1910. Most of them are books by Horatio Alger and were Christmas gifts almost 100 years ago. I just love the worn look of them with the colorful angels that used to belong to my mother (the angels were Christmas decorations that I could not bear to pack away this year - I love the colors!). Knowing that these books belonged to my great grandfather who I never met makes them feel like a treasure. I added some more modern Easter decor that I have acquired from a few students through the years and I have a colorful mix of decor that makes me smile.

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