Saturday, May 06, 2006

Pictures coming soon!

I rejoice in the gift of making these books for you! Life is to be celebrated! One way we do that is to record our life stories – or the life stories of someone else who is special. Life Stories Handmade Books & Albums was born from a love of life, creating, and celebrating all of who we are. I am a perfectionist at heart and, at one time in my journaling and scrapbooking life, I was so concerned with creating the perfect layout and filling the pages of my albums and journals chronologically that I became discouraged. I quitting creating visually, which only left me with lots of pent up creativity! Eventually, I realized that life is sometimes chaotic, disorganized and full of imperfection. I began to appreciate and celebrate that part of me (and of those around me!). These handbound albums were born from my love of books, stories, and life, and the desire to have a special place to record that imperfect life in a joyful and creative way. I use my books as an art & life journal, practicing new and familiar techniques & recording special and ordinary life moments. Whatever art you create – scrapbook layouts, watercolor or acrylic paintings, calligraphy, collage, rubber stamping, or a combination thereof, you are journaling your life in a special way. Enjoy the process of creating, allow yourself to “play” in these books, and savor each page as you look back on them!

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