Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Create what you seek..."

When you visit's "About Daryn" page you will be greeted with this:

"Welcome to! I hope you'll visit each day to experience stories that make your heart go, "ZING!"

Many people ask me how I have such a positive outlook after more than 20-years in the news business. Simply, I believe in the adage, "Create what you seek." I was seeking inspiration, so I decided to create a home where those stories could live.

This isn't a "happy news," site. It is more focused than that. I would call it "hopeful" news. My mission and the motto of the website is to "Show the World What Is Possible!" one story at a time."

I love stories and these video stories are inspiring! Go HERE to watch a story about a fun artist that gave away smiles because that's what he was seeking! I love his characters, his paintings, and the smiles he creates!

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