Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bird crafts...

My little guy Cameron (5 years old) is a huge bird lover. He watches and photographs them. In fact, there is a Mockingbird that he has "adopted" as his own and has named it Ticked (sounds like ticket without the "t"). Everywhere we go he finds a Mockingbird and thinks it's his own Ticked. He really thinks he's always seeing the same bird in our travels, as if Ticked is following us everywhere we go. While I encourage imagination, I have tried to explain to him that the birds he's seeing is not always the same one - there are many Mockingbirds in the world - but he insists I'm wrong! Well, I've been wrong before!

To Cameron's delight we start the Spring every year with swallows that build a nest on our front porch. Inspired by these bird friends I made these earrings for myself!

And, inspired by this blog post, I sewed (by hand) one of these birds for a shelf in our foyer. You can make one too - here's the tutorialfrom Spool Sewing.

Finally, follow this link to one of my favorite whimsical bird artists ever, Gennine!

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