Monday, May 19, 2008

Updating shop and other crafty things...

It's been a great day to take photos outside with my new lightbox:

I made the lightbox today after reading this blog post by Etsy seller Folk Photography. It's a great tutorial for taking better pictures of your products. I didn't know it was so easy!

Here are the two books I added to my Etsy Shop today using product photos from my new lightbox:

In other crafty news, hubby and I are loving the new mouse pad I made from fabric that I had left over after making this bulletin board to keep track of our schedules, homework, notices, etc. in the study.

Here is the mousepad, made by reusing an old mousepad that had worn the paper off the top, and attaching the fabric using No-Sew:

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iHanna said...

Great lightbox, I want to make one like that too. And your books are gorgeous! wow!