Saturday, June 24, 2006

Busy, fun week!

The kids and I have had a great week at VBS this week! But it does mean that I have not had time to make any new books, or post anything here. While I love VBS week and look forward to teaching it every year, I have had a burning desire each day to hide away in the studio and make BOOKS! I just love the whole process! Today we will be busy with getting ready to leave tomorrow to take the kids to visit my grandmother in another state, so no bookmaking this week either. When I return later this week - watch out studio! I'll be in there creating many new ideas I've been mulling over in my creative brain. Just bought some 8"X8" bookboard from someone on etsy, so I can't wait to make some mini albums in coptic stitch. Since I had no new pictures to add, I went through my iPhoto album on our Mac and found a picture of a set of albums I did for a friend's new baby last year. It's a mini album bound with ribbon in a stab bound style, an accordian album, and an altered tin that I did for her to put tiny pictures of her baby in and throw in her purse. These were so fun to make!

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