Monday, November 03, 2008

My most exceptional teachers...

Inspiration Prompt #24 from Avital at asks:

"Have you had an unequalled teacher in your life?" and "What lessons have you learned from your exceptional teacher?"

My response, included with photos from this weekend playing in the front yard, is this:
"My kids are my best teachers. They have taught me to just be completely happy with what "is". To slow down the frequent thinking about what I need to do "next". Enjoy life as it "is"!

Materials used are my Life Stories Photo Journal, printed digital photos, my own painted paste papers from a previous book project, 1 circular tag, 3 eyelets, and a Pitt Pen.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for sharing this post with my readers. I think children have the purest source of creativity in them due to their ability to fully live in the moment. You have beautiful and happy-looking children and I wish you and your kids all the best !!!

(On Wednesday I am continuing with the notion of the teachers in my life).

french toast girl said...

Oh, that's a lovely page. :)

Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Kristin,
I connected to your "unequalled teacher" post through Avital. As a former elementary school teacher myself, I so agree that children are our greatest teachers! They face the challeneges of life with fresh and new eyes and definitely know much better than we adults do about living in the moment, learning and letting go of the recent past, and being filled with hope for the future. Yay Kids ! And yay for your lovely post and your documenting your life story so beautifully !
Cheers !

Unknown said...

these are so awesome, kristin!